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of which we cannot speak

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Emasculated [05 Feb 2007|07:55pm]

Recently my friends and I have been debating about whether there is a good feminine form of the word "emasculated" in the figurative sense.

We've come up with a number of words [eg 'shemasculated'] but none of them are very satisfactory. So, I'm calling in help from here in case anyone still pays attention to this community.

Thanks for any ideas!
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[13 Dec 2005|01:20am]

I've bumped so many times into the phenomenon of not being able to translate an apt phrase/word/something from English to Finnish (not to mention vice versa) that I just thought to ask you about your experiences. I'm lousy at explaining stuff so I give an example... There's a verb "jaksaa" in Finnish that I find utterly useful. It hasn't got an equivalent in English. And the other way round, the structure "A good few weeks" in English is sweet but I can't find a way to say it in Finnish. There are loads of similar ones that I can't remember right now, but the main point was to ask you to comment and post any similar things in any language. Because there's no word for it (please explain what the word without equivalent means, too) or because you think a particular expression is perfect for something etc.

"Jaksaa", by the way, is usually used in negative form. If you don't jaksa to do something, it means that you're too tired to do it or that you're don't want to do it because you're sick of it. It can also be used to say that you can't eat anymore because you're so full. (There's a word for it in Swedish at least.)

(X-posted here and there)
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fibronostalgia [27 Mar 2005|10:46am]

Main Entry: 2fi·bro·nos·tal·gia
Function: noun
Pronunciation: "fI-"brO-"nä-'stal-j(E)&
Date: 2005
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek nostos return home + New Latin -algia; akin to Greek neisthai to return, Old English genesan to survive, Sanskrit nasate he approaches

1:the state of being homesick for pain: ABERRANT HOMESICKNESS
2 : a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for a return to or of some past period of pain, esp. to a rheumatic condition of uncertain cause that is characterized by diffuse or localized pain, tenderness, and stiffness of skeletal muscles and associated connective tissue and that is usually accompanied by fatigue irrecoverable condition;

3.something that evokes physically painful nostalgia, esp. pain that can be felt in the fibrous nervous system, or "everywhere."

- fi•bro•nos•tal•gic /-jik/ adjective or noun noun


easy, now. this is a bit of humor, not an attack on any imaginary disease you or someone in your family has. call it black humor. or not. if it offends your sensibilities, please accept my apology, and feel free to speak to him about it. it's all his fault.
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Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley [10 Jun 2003|01:14pm]

page 220:

(after reading a poem by a gent. named Ivor, a character named Mr. Scogan begins in conversation with a character named Denis who is a young poet):

"Very nice and tasteful and tactful," said Mr. Scogan, when he had finished. "I am only troubled by the butterfly's auricular wings. You have a first-hand knowledge of the workings of a poet's mind, Denis; perhaps you can explain."
"What could be simpler," said Denis. "It's a beautiful word, and Ivor wanted to say that the wings were golden."
"You make it luminously clear."
"One suffers so much," Denis went on, "from the fact that beautiful words don't always mean what they ought to mean. Recently, for example, I had a whole poem ruined, just because the word 'carminative' didn't mean what it ought to have meant. Carminative -it's admirable, isn't it?"
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[13 May 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | talkactive! ]

Talkactive verb: The act of talking in such a way that the audience is held captive and is entertained. Not an annoying act as sometimse applied by 'talkative'

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snausages, mcchickens, nak / naknakked [12 May 2003|04:33am]
I have a few which we tend to use in the UW electrical engineering department:

1: Snausages.

A snausage is any tasty little snack of unknown origin or content; this applies to almost any type of vending-machine food, especially those rare few containing meat. Instead of I want something from the vending machine, you'd say I need snausages. Snausages are probably very bad for you.

2: McChickens

A McChicken is anything which can be counted or repeated. Using so many mcchickens will be expensive; it can also be applied to a grouping of objects: I'm skipping his lecture on Thursday because he's just going to talk about those high-speed mcchickens again.

Lastly, I don't know where I heard this first, but it was best explained at the bottom of this comment, from which I have blatantly stolen the following definition with a slight edit:

3: Nak / Naknakked

"Nak" is an adaptation of the noise made by the aliens in Mars Attacks. It annoys the shit out of me when people nak at me about always falling for unavailable men. Generally used to describe annoying chatter, it can also be used as a noun: "What a nak that Andie McDowell is!" It is often doubled, as well: "He naknakked at me for hours."
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[27 Apr 2003|04:31pm]

I can't really say the definition but i can give you a situation:

A class room of silently reading students suddenly filled with loud conversations and shouts.

"this room all of a sudden became commotionated."

commotionated is an offspin from a classmates 'commotioned.'
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[27 Mar 2003|02:19pm]

originally gossamerratic, it was hard on the tongue, tricky, did not feel right.

A spider's web, dewed, glistening in morning sun, torn and ragged. Beautiful.

Combination of 'gossamer' and 'erratic.'

Whispers, always whispers. Travling gossmerratic threads of untold strength, misery...
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[16 Mar 2003|09:38pm]
I've always been taught that 'irrelevant' is not a word, yet when I look it up on the research dictionary(AOL feature, which may be why...) it is found. However, in a regular, college dictionary, 'irrelevant' and 'irrelevance' are both not found.

So I am curious, is 'irrelevant' and/or 'irrelevance' a real word or one that belongs here?

I've made a mistake. I confused 'irrelevant' with 'irregardless.' My apologies.
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shmuckle [14 Mar 2003|12:42pm]

Pronunciation: 'schm&-k&l
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): schmuck·led; schmuck·ling
Date: 2003
1 : v. to laugh inwardly or quietly at someone you feel is quite the jerk.

1: n. the tiny laugh you hear made behind your back by someone who feels that you are quite the jerk.
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God•sip [25 Feb 2003|09:33am]

Main Entry: 2god•sip
Function: intransitive verb
Date: 2003
: to relate second-hand information about one who moves your heart deeper than anyone else on the planet; speaking about the love of one's life.
- god•sip•per noun

came about as a bastardization of the word "gossip" in a dialogue between myself and and lj-friend® brownmoundbrownmound. it is a word intended neither to bog you down nor change you in any noticeable way, but rather one which should throw a golden clove into your dusty pocket of subway tokens and linty peanuts. please use accordingly.
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[20 Jan 2003|11:22pm]

the word love is hackneyed, therefore we must have a new one. (someone can wish you dead in the name of "love" because you don't "love them back")
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noobie post [08 Jan 2003|03:28pm]

[ mood | there are ants in my pants ]

hello, new person. Found this community a while ago, didn't post for a bit due to lack of something useful to say and typical shyness/fear of inevitably making an ass of myself.

word of the moment: pibble v.
To indulge deliberately and methodically into an object (often material, though not necessarily) and its' attributes, ranging from major to microscopic, without any rationale other than observing said object. Often used by an external observer to regard the object or act of observing as irrelevant to higher concerns. To be pibbled is also a sign of affection (very often unwanted).
Variants include pibblynibble (indulging in the taste and sublime properties of said object), pibblywibble (indulging in aural aspects), pibblysnibble (indulging in smell), pibblyvibble (indulging in sight), pibblytibble (touch), and pibblybibble ("devouring" the senses in said object, often in a crude and obsessive manner). All offshoots imply some other form of pibbling, but emphasize a particular action or sense.

*slithers back into the shadows and vagueish smoke stuff.*

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I humbly submit... Foob [03 Jan 2003|02:49pm]


Etymology: Middle English; akin to Middle English fobben to deceive, Middle High German voppen

1) Someone whose external appearance and actions are dramatically different from their internal thoughts and emotions.
2) A charismatic person who can not or does not care about anyone but him or her self.
3) A politician.

I was startled to be unable to find this in any dictionaries, so I correct the obvious (to my mind) etymological error.
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New word [02 Jan 2003|06:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Coughter (n) (coff-ter): Laughing so hard that you start coughing; having a cough and laughing, therefore choking on your own laughter.

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[08 Dec 2002|08:20am]
Is there a word for this feeling?

"i miss it too" and "it's oki doki cuz i'm like that and i'm cool with it'"
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Ingda! [06 Dec 2002|11:29am]

Ingda! (Ing-dA)

Exclamation used to express the feeling of personal jangling frustration experienced when everyone around you is being an idiot and there is the desire to shoot them in the head and tell them all to get the hell out of your space. Effective in getting them out of your space, emotionally. Liberation. Forceful separation from the emotions of others.

In non-exclamation form, could be used to express the urge to remove oneself from situation-that-cannot-be-avoided. Usually turning into exclamation form.
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alaylah [06 Dec 2002|11:15am]

alaylah (ah-lay-lah)

Feeling of the transcendent unity of perfect longing, on the edges of shattering through Fusion, the longing to break through Fusion to Beyond Fusion.
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Slumpy [30 Nov 2002|04:22pm]

Slumpy n. A dish made of of related but usually discrete components, mixed together with a gravy, sauce, or syrup.

Breakfast slumpy--usual breakfast foods, mixed together, with syrup on top.

Thanksgiving slumpy--mashed potatoes, stuffing, shreds of turkey, covered with gravy.

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Taken from a thesaurus [30 Nov 2002|09:00am]
Entry Word: touch-me-not-ish
Function: adjective
Synonyms: UNSOCIABLE, aloof, distant, insociable, reserved, solitary, standoff, standoffish, uncompanionable, withdrawn

I post this because I did not know there was a 'word' such as touch-me-not-ish. And thought, perhaps you don't either.
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