Ellsie (ironoxide) wrote in unspokenized,


originally gossamerratic, it was hard on the tongue, tricky, did not feel right.

A spider's web, dewed, glistening in morning sun, torn and ragged. Beautiful.

Combination of 'gossamer' and 'erratic.'

Whispers, always whispers. Travling gossmerratic threads of untold strength, misery...
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beautiful. i like this one a lot.

funny, though, reading of your thought process on the word. i feel just the opposite. i find the sound of gossameratic more musical...easier to say. it's like a little wave that rolls up and down. "gossmeratic" does a sharp stop in the middle. sounds like it's been slightly german-ated. and the former pronounciation retains both "gossamer" and "erratic." a neat little overlap.

great word, regardless of my opinion on the change.
Haha. it's like the difference between saying 'did you' and 'jew.' (did you eat? and d'jeet?)

like the icon.