Ray (q) wrote in unspokenized,

snausages, mcchickens, nak / naknakked

I have a few which we tend to use in the UW electrical engineering department:

1: Snausages.

A snausage is any tasty little snack of unknown origin or content; this applies to almost any type of vending-machine food, especially those rare few containing meat. Instead of I want something from the vending machine, you'd say I need snausages. Snausages are probably very bad for you.

2: McChickens

A McChicken is anything which can be counted or repeated. Using so many mcchickens will be expensive; it can also be applied to a grouping of objects: I'm skipping his lecture on Thursday because he's just going to talk about those high-speed mcchickens again.

Lastly, I don't know where I heard this first, but it was best explained at the bottom of this comment, from which I have blatantly stolen the following definition with a slight edit:

3: Nak / Naknakked

"Nak" is an adaptation of the noise made by the aliens in Mars Attacks. It annoys the shit out of me when people nak at me about always falling for unavailable men. Generally used to describe annoying chatter, it can also be used as a noun: "What a nak that Andie McDowell is!" It is often doubled, as well: "He naknakked at me for hours."
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