Beth (rubeslipprs) wrote in unspokenized,

Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley

page 220:

(after reading a poem by a gent. named Ivor, a character named Mr. Scogan begins in conversation with a character named Denis who is a young poet):

"Very nice and tasteful and tactful," said Mr. Scogan, when he had finished. "I am only troubled by the butterfly's auricular wings. You have a first-hand knowledge of the workings of a poet's mind, Denis; perhaps you can explain."
"What could be simpler," said Denis. "It's a beautiful word, and Ivor wanted to say that the wings were golden."
"You make it luminously clear."
"One suffers so much," Denis went on, "from the fact that beautiful words don't always mean what they ought to mean. Recently, for example, I had a whole poem ruined, just because the word 'carminative' didn't mean what it ought to have meant. Carminative -it's admirable, isn't it?"
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