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I've bumped so many times into the phenomenon of not being able to translate an apt phrase/word/something from English to Finnish (not to mention vice versa) that I just thought to ask you about your experiences. I'm lousy at explaining stuff so I give an example... There's a verb "jaksaa" in Finnish that I find utterly useful. It hasn't got an equivalent in English. And the other way round, the structure "A good few weeks" in English is sweet but I can't find a way to say it in Finnish. There are loads of similar ones that I can't remember right now, but the main point was to ask you to comment and post any similar things in any language. Because there's no word for it (please explain what the word without equivalent means, too) or because you think a particular expression is perfect for something etc.

"Jaksaa", by the way, is usually used in negative form. If you don't jaksa to do something, it means that you're too tired to do it or that you're don't want to do it because you're sick of it. It can also be used to say that you can't eat anymore because you're so full. (There's a word for it in Swedish at least.)

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a great question, idea, and post. sadly, one has to be at least bi-lingual to answer (well not sadly for you, but for me!)

i do have feelings or thoughts about situations for which i have no word in English. i think its time to expand my language base. although that requires time!!!

i'd love to read anyone else's comments here, though, if they can contribute to your question.
*bonk bonk bonk* Sorry. I meant to tell you where you could find the few answers that came but always forgot. As usual. Anyways, there's one response in userlibraryofbabble and a few more in uservocaball if you want to have a look.
(Excellent... Remember to learn how to use HTML, my dear girl. *mutter*)
The names for the communities were libraryofbabble and vocaball.
thank you :)